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About Me

I’m Adi Susanto. Server & Cloud Enthusiast with over 10 years of Experience as Engineer and Managerial.

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Short About Me

Computer Science graduates with a passion with servers & cloud infractructure. I love challange the process with automations. Resolving technical issues in urgent situations, is my expertise. I am spontaneous, logical and rational.

I grew up in the village which has a high social life. sharing is one way of life that has been taught to me. working hard. grateful, be excellent, upbeat is my motivation to be better.

I tend to be action oriented and able to deal with sudden changes quickly and calmly. in the team, I have the ability to analyze, manage and delegate work. I get energy from ideas, emotions and memories. I like concrete facts and data first, and tend to use causal logic in making decisions. Usually I also look spontaneous and flexible.

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